Why Are Lebanese Weddings So Extravagant? Grab The Complete Details Her Now!!

In the modern world, where everything is so hectic and tiring, finding someone you love is a blessing. Once you have found someone special, then you surely want to get hitched as soon as possible to start everything together.

However, where some consider simpler weddings, on the other hand, Lebanese weddings so extravagant that nobody wants to miss out. So let us share a guide behind it and different traditions of Lebanon’s wedding.

How does Lebanon’s wedding take place?

Every place has some of the other traditions for marrying that add value to the marriage. Among all other cultures and traditions, Lebanon wedding traditions are considered to be extravagant. Customs in Lebanese weddings are strong and bold, and they consider for more is better theory. The grander weddings would be more incredible; it would look and feel that people would cherish forever.

Wedding reception in Lebanese culture starts long before the actual wedding occurs. They have a festive engagement for pre-wedding parties and gifts, along with many other functions that start before the wedding function. The reception function looks like the final round for the entire process. Lebanon pays closer attention to making the wedding look like any end to all good things, and it should look like a bang.

Let us look into some traditions of the Lebanon weddings that would give you an idea of Lebanese wedding guest dresses.

Lebanese zaffe

It’s more like a big party that the bride and groom make a grand entrance as they dance on the dance floor surrounded by drummers and professional zaffe dancers. Here you need to have venues that are happy to include and sit outside entertainers.

Lebanon's weddingGreat dining

All Lebanese weddings have a feast, whether with platters of delicious food and a three-course sit-down meal. It is important for all Middle Eastern cultures for celebrate plentiful filling dishes with family and friends.


Last but not least, you cannot miss out on the Lebanese wedding without dancing. These weddings do sometimes have belly dancers to make things a little better and royal looking at the wedding.

In addition, these are some of the Lebanon traditions that make the wedding extravagant and more happening. We hope the details sated above make sense to you for learning about the great weddings that they celebrate with countless customs.